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Where Did It All Go?

Lost time is never found again. 
Benjamin Franklin

The Bible talks about how short life is, and we are here today and gone tomorrow. I know that when I was a child, the days would last forever, and it seemed that we had a week at a time to play before we had to come in. I also remember what a wonderful childhood I had growing up, filled with sports and good times with many childhood friends. My father used to tell me that, “the older you get, the faster time goes by.” I now understand what he was talking about way back then, and I want every day to be special, as we do have such little time on this earth. 

I have a young daughter, and it is so important to me to spend quality time with her, as you never get those days and moments again when they are young.  All children really want, is to have their parents spend time with them, regardless of what you do. My daughter gives me such joy when I see her smile and laugh and to tell me, “Daddy I love you.” The important things in life are all about spending time with your family, because before you know it, we will all pass away. As you go through your life, try to remember what is important, and then show love to your family, and all the people around you. Where did it all go? 

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