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Since the Lord is directing our steps, why try to understand everything that happens along the way?

Proverbs 20:24  (The Living Bible)

It is interesting to note how we think we know the best path to take in regards to relationships and career choices. In reality, we really do not have a clue what is best for us. We spend so much time worrying, we can’t sleep at night, we have anxiety during the day, and we wonder why we feel so tired and run down by the end of the day. God want us to trust Him for our future. If we really believe that the Lord is in control of our lives, we will cease from worry and stress. How much faith do we have? Do we trust God to know what He is doing? God knows what is best for us. He promises to direct our path if we will trust Him.

I know that I have spent countless hours in my life worrying about things and having high stress levels. It has done absolutely nothing for my life. Does worrying really help anything? No, but it seems that human nature wants us to worry and be continually stressed out! Let us remain calm in every situation as God truly does know what he is doing. Don’t worry about money or anything else. Take your cares and worries to God and leave them at his feet. God will be there for you, and he will direct your path in the direction that He knows is best for us. Trust God!

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