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Examining the concept of freedom causes one to first consider what enslaves a person. One definition of enslavement is one person being “owned” by another. This loss of personal freedom still exists today, however a more common form is the power of enslavement that we ourselves provide to objects that reign over us in our homes and at work. The care and feeding of possessions can cause them to own us rather than vice versa. Consider whether the objects you own service you or enslave you and you will begin to comprehend that those individuals who are the most free understand how accumulating possessions can put one in a caregiver’s role.

As a custodian a person is put in charge of something that they look after. Whether it’s a child, building, financial securities, or a collection of some type, a custodian is accountable for their charge. Over the years, collections accumulate and the joy in acquiring can quickly turn into the task of care giving. Somewhere in the transition the freedom of body and mind are abdicated for a choice freely made.

The things that bind us control us. Through choices made, a person exchanges one opportunity for another. To be free really means to be in control of choices and their outcomes. Collecting can lead to hoarding. Movement relieves stagnation, and circulation keeps the life blood flowing in our bodies. Energy that is circulated empowers. Movement relieves inertia. Life improves with positive choices made that are selective and predispose one to good outcomes.

So, in order to be free in body and mind it is necessary to freely make and execute good choices – one at a time. These baby steps toward self-actualization lead us to more empowered end results. Knowing what to do and then doing it, heightens our awareness about the freedoms we can and do control. Freedom is not a “given,” rather it is a “right” that we earn one positive choice at a time. Membership in a free society is not an entitlement but rather an earned privilege. If you have this “golden” opportunity, remember to not leave home without it! Circulate the idea, and empower yourself and those around you. True freedom comes with accountability to both yourself and others. Let it motivate you to becoming the person you envision.

Resources: NapoleonHill.com

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