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Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
George S. Patton

When we do not think that God cares how deep we may be falling, how is your attitude?  Persistence takes a lot of hard work, even when we do not feel like it! I have hit rock bottom many times in life, and have felt like giving up and quitting. So many times I have felt like God has given up on me, and that I am destined to just barely make it in life. Then God taps me on the shoulder, and reminds me that as long as I am giving my best, and doing the right things in life, that God will direct my steps.

I am going to the top of the mountain! So are you! Your best days are ahead of you. Your destiny is right around the corner. Don’t give up! Trust God that He knows what He is doing. God knows what is best for your life. If you pray and ask for God to guide your life, He will! God loves you, and he has your best life right in sight. Be persistent, work hard, and those opportunities will start opening up for you. I can bounce as high as the moon, as long as I am allowing God to rule my life! Trust God now for a great future!


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