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Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. 
Soren Kierkegaard

When you reflect back on your life, how much time would you have spent in prayer? Prayer between you and God should be a very simple time when you communicate your wishes, desires, and challenges with Christ. Prayer does not have to be some long drawn out fancy sermon where you are trying to impress God with your intellect. Remember the Pharisees, and how impressed they were with their own intellect? Prayer should be like a regular conversation that you have with a friend or family member. God wants the Christian life to be simple, not complicated.

When you open your heart up to God, he will be there with you! Most folks are so stressed out over the most absurd things in life. One of the number one priorities in your life should be your quiet prayer time with God. This is when you grow, this is when you become intimate with God and where you are able to trust God with your inner most secrets. Prayer changes your heart, prayer helps you grow as a Christian, and prayer gives you so much peace and comfort in your life. Make your prayer life a priority, as life is short, and we must communicate with our God on a daily basis.  Prayer dramatically changes things in your life! 

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