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Education is the key to lifelong success. No one can give it to you or buy it for you. You must have a desire for it yourself and then earn it through diligent study accompanied by hard work and ongoing effort. The acquisition of knowledge is not an end in itself, but the application of knowledge is the ultimate purpose of learning. What we do with what we know, is far more significant than what we know.

It is important to remember that education does not begin and end at the schoolhouse door. After commencement, books should not be discarded as we are officially pronounced “educated.”  Rather books should be cultivated as good friends, even as mastermind alliances, that directly assist us in the pursuit of our goals. When you read thoughtfully you actively engage yourself in the process. There is a real receiving of knowledge as you interact with the printed page and process the information. As an active reader, you are engaged and involved in an exchange of knowledge.

Why read when you can just listen to audios or watch TV? Reading is fundamental to success because the written word functions as a storehouse of knowledge, a time capsule that waits for you to open it for the value that it can provide now, tomorrow, and forever. Words are immortal. We learn about the lives of legendary figures through their words and the stories written about them. Their biographies provide us with background information upon which we can customize our own lives on purpose.

Reading develops a love of learning. Learning leads to a desire for education. Proper education can lead to the development of sound character, and sound character contributes greatly to lifelong success. The process is lengthy, but there is no substitution. Put your money on education, and the dividends will be there as long as you apply what you learn! Reading provides equal opportunity for everyone who can make sense out of the printed page. It is well worth your long-term effort.

Resources: Napoleon Hill Foundation

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