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Have two goals: wisdom, that is, knowing and doing right, and common sense. Don’t let them slip away, for they fill you with living energy, and bring you honor and respect.

Proverbs: 4:21,22 (The Living Bible)

The Bible teaches that in all the things that you can obtain in life, wisdom is the greatest. As we go through life, so many people believe that material things will bring you happiness. They do make things in life easier, but do they truly give you the peace and contentment that your soul longs for? Wisdom should be our greatest goal. The Bible also says that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. He had great wealth that surpassed every one around him. Solomon also had his big loss when he could not overcome the many temptations of women in his life, and it destroyed him. His wisdom was unmatched, yet his common sense was not very good.

I have known people who had great common sense, but no wisdom. Also, I have known people who have had great wisdom, but yet they lacked any common sense. It takes a big individual to have both of these qualities. I went through the majority of my life with wisdom from the Bible, but I had terrible common sense. I was not able sometimes to judge if I was making the right decision or not until it was too late. Ask God today to give you both wisdom and common sense in your life and He will direct your paths. God gives us the resources to make good decisions and to use wisdom in our daily lives. I pray that you seek after wisdom, as wisdom will never let you down.

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