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Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.

                                                     John Wooden


We all want to look back on our lives trying to relive our choices and decisions that we have made over the years. It is good to reflect on our actions, however, we can’t spend long moments regretting our past life. It is just that, the past. The Bible teaches to look forward to the future, run for the prize, and trust God that He is in charge of your future. So many individuals live in the past, never able to become healed to go forward, therefore, they are never able to become truly happy and to live with peace and joy in their life. We must always make the best of what we have. Do not look at other’s accomplishments and compare them to your accomplishments. Be content in your situation but do not ever stop dreaming and reaching for the stars. Continue with hope and faith that God is leading your life and controlling your destiny. As we give to others, we stop thinking so much about ourselves. You are blessed and you control your attitude for happiness or sadness.

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