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He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees.
Benjamin Franklin

It is interesting to note that some individuals, choose to tell everyone in sight, every possible thing that they know and believe in. Sometimes, it is best, to keep some things to yourself, or some people may be offended, and there goes your peaceful world. There are many facets to peace and living in peace, therefore, it may be best at times to keep your peace, when all others around you, are asking for your beliefs and your observations. People have been killed, for saying one wrong thing, at the wrong time.

We all have our views and observations on many subjects, but please make sure, that you are not commenting to someone, who would not take to well to what you are saying. I find that we are living in a world of anger, rage, and violence, and we must be careful with what we say, and at the same time, respecting opinions that don’t quite see your point of view. I want to maintain my peace at all times, and I choose to not allowing another person to steal my happiness, peace, joy, and contentment. Shalom!


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