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Every one lives it, and it does not last long

A lot has been written, and there has been many a song

As the good book says, life goes so fast

So look forward and not back, and don’t dwell on your past



It is what we all want, and so hard to find

As we drift through this, and sometimes lose our mind

We look for peace, joy, and love

And dream that we can find happiness, as peaceful as a dove



They are given to us as a blessing from God, as they live without a worry

They give us their smiles, and they are not in a hurry

I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, who gives me such peace and joy

As they move on and grow up, and leave behind that favorite toy



This mighty word has kept many from success in life

It paralyzes the senses and cuts like a knife

Let’s believe by faith, and continue the race

Put away that fear, and we will laugh in its face



We hesitate to want to do it, but it always happens over time

The many faces of change, will stop us on a dime

Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad

It could leave us sad, or make us glad

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