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Television is chewing gum for the eyes.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Oh, the blessing and curses of technology. In today’s world, we see so many technological advances. A recent article mentioned that in our lifetime, an individual will spend an average of 7 years in front of the television! How shocking! With the latest cell phone, MP3 player, flat screen TV, and other gadgets that consume our daily lives, it is amazing that we have any time at all to interact with human beings. I am convinced that technology can be bad for civilization and society. It has ruined families and the family structure in that it has taken up the time when families use to be able to talk around the dinner table and communicate with each other.

Now, our ways of communication include texting, instant messages, Facebook, MySpace, and other so-called social networks. I say that we have formed a society of artificial communication networks that give you a false sense of doing something really good, when in reality, it is all a big waste of time.  Let’s do things that are constructive, things that really mean something like reading a book, spending quality time with your children, going on a walk with your partner, or volunteering with a worthy cause. Our time on Earth is short, make every minute count for something good instead of becoming a mindless zombie. Technology can be bad for an individual and for society!

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