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“How often we are discouraged from doing what we know we are capable of doing because of negative comments and concerns from friends and family. Instead of enthusiastically stating: “You can do it!,” “You’re the best person for the job,” “I’m glad that someone has finally recognized your talent,” “That creative idea will get you places,” and other pat on the back comments, our “supporters” say just the opposite.

Their little negative seeds become implanted in our subconscious mind and begin to sprout seedlings of self-sabotage and disrespect for our innate positive capabilities. Insidious comments from “well-meaning” supporters begin to snake their way through our psyche until they begin to rear their ugly heads from the inside out. These alien thoughts put a strain on our self-confidence and become the outcome that we never wanted in the first place. What we thought of as our million dollar idea now is demoted to idle mental chatter. We now ask ourselves, ‘How could I ever have thought I was capable of achieving that goal?” The “I can do it” mantra is replaced with the “That’s a stupid idea” affirmation and all ends in the landfill of un-accomplished goals.   

With a little help from our well-meaning friends and family we become resigned to the tried and true, the ordinary, the customary, and the status quo. Thoughts that are outside the norm are labeled crazy, crackpot ideas that have no practical merit. Who would ever support me in something so extraordinarily stupid? Why did I think this was a good idea? What was I thinking anyway? And the self-abuse goes on and on.

Stop! You are the only person who can end the negative mental bombardment. Refuse to relinquish your personal belief in a positive outcome. Listen to the naysayers, consider their well-meaning opinions and concerns, and then proceed in the direction of your own choosing armed with the ammunition that they have provided. A known adversary is easier to conquer than an unknown one, and they have just allowed you to be forewarned of their impending attack if you decide to proceed.

Do an about-face. Walk in the direction of your belief. Have faith in the outcome. And, be assured that they won’t be gaining on you because they do not have the courage of their own convictions. Rather, they will continue to stay in the negative environment that they have created because it has become their comfort zone. As bad as it is, they remain there because it is a known that they can deal with rather than an unknown that you represent.

When you affirm that your greatest power is your power to choose, you honor your inborn ability to make wise, personally empowering choices. Life is what you make it. Choose for yourself and you will be the better for it.”

Resources: Napoleon Hill Foundation

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