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I reflected recently on the 1980’s. This was a time of spiritual awakening, a time when people thought about God and wanted to better their lives by self relection. When a nation forgets God, things start happening to a nation that sometimes can’t be explained to the rational mind. I observe today, children with no respect at all for their parents. Parents are afraid of their own children, and other children that live in the neighborhood. Teens wearing clothes that are so revealing that it is shocking even to the liberal minds. Parents don’t have time today to spend quality time with their children. Kids can come in whenever they want, with no consequences for anything they do. Violence and anger rules the world today. We live in a world filled with compromise and toleration. Where is morality, where is common sense, where are the conservative leaders who are going to stand up and refuse to let our country go to hell?

History has proven, that a moral nation, is a stable nation that is built on sound values and on Godly principles. Are we headed again for a clash between Christians and Muslims? Where is the peace that we all so desperately want? Morality is the door to your soul. When a person has strong moral values, it causes a chain reaction of events that effect society and the direction of our nation. Morality is the number one factor in regards to the rise and fall of a nation. Let’s reflect on the Roman Empire, the Incas, the Byzantine Empire, the Greek dynasty, and now the United States of America. We must all search our hearts and our soul and ask ourself, what is the condition of my morality? For the sake of our children and the sake of our nation, quit compromising wrong choices, and make the right choices.  As a popular liberal said, “the hope still lives, and the dream never dies.”

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