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Personality is the sum total of one’s mental, spiritual, and physical traits and habits that distinguish one from all others. It is the factor that determines whether one is liked or disliked by others. Your personality is your greatest asset or liability. It embraces everything you control: mind, body and soul. Some characteristics of a pleasing personality include: positive mental attitude, flexibility, sincerity, prompt actions, courtesy, tactfulness, a pleasing tone of voice, smile, and tolerance.


Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who possesses the above characteristics of a pleasing personality? And, the most amazing thing to learn is that we can cultivate these characteristics ourselves one at a time. Just as a person adds new clothes to their wardrobe, individuals can add new traits to their pleasing personality repertoire by learning and applying them.


Due to our human nature, people gravitate to others who radiate a beautiful smile, speak with courtesy, listen to what is said, withhold judgment, remain flexible, and exhibit a positive mental attitude. All of these characteristics can be cultivated and put to work for you.


Dr. Hill states: “Self-analysis must begin with strict self-discipline, based upon the courage to recognize your faults and a sincere desire to eliminate them.” Listed below are the 29 traits of a pleasing personality that Hill identified. Review the list by focusing on each trait singly. You may discover that you have many positive characteristics in your personality and others that do not measure up to the general standard. What you do to correct the situation is your homework for this week.


Here is the list:


Positive Mental Attitude, flexibility of mind, sincerity of purpose, promptness of decision, common courtesy, tactfulness, pleasing tone of voice, facial expression and the habit of smiling, tolerance, frankness in manner and speech, a keen sense of humor, faith in Infinite Intelligence, a keen sense of justice, the appropriate use of words, effective speech, control of the emotions, alertness of interest, versatility, fondness for people, control of temper, hope and ambition, temperance, patience, humility of heart, appropriateness of dress, effective showmanship, clean sportsmanship, the ability to shake hands properly, and personal magnetism.


Remember to conduct your self-assessment and determine right here and now to correct any shortcomings that you may encounter. I promise, you will be the better for doing so.

Resources: NapoleonHill.com


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