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We all have at some point in our life had at least one Mentor that has touched our lives with such an impact and virtually served as a guide, example, role model and teacher, that prevails through the test of time and has influenced our life in making us the man or woman we are today. Some of us can reflect back in our lives and realize that we may have been blessed with more than one Mentor.

A Mentor is anyone who, even for but a moment, may have said or done something in your life that you will never forget and that has built your character for the better and has served as a motivator to give one the incentive to thereby spread the knowledge and love to others. Then this will enable you to create a positive energy of imparting to others that which you have learned and experienced in life.

A Mentor could have been a teacher or college professor, a friend, a parent, a sibling, a business associate or even a total stranger for that matter. I am one of those to have been blessed in my life to have had more than one Mentor. I would honestly have to say that the key Mentors in my life are GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ, my parents, the Renowned Radio and TV Talk Show Host, Mr. Joe Franklin and the works and writings of Mr. Napoleon Hill, all have greatly influenced my life. In being a Mentor it encompasses an extreme amount of responsibilities. One must look into the mirror of their soul and ask themselves, who am I, where am I going with my life, what do I want out of life, am I getting there and most importantly, …if I am NOT getting there….WHY? For the most part, one can be their own worst enemy and can self sabotage their own happiness, which prevents them from reaching and achieving their goals in life. “Be True to Thine Own Self” which technically means to look into your own heart, examine yourself , be steadfast in your affirmations and then one can set an example to manifest and emulate goodness to others. Make the most of your life because we all have an expiration date and as Charles Shultz once said “Just be your beautiful self”….because everyone else is taken.

We are living in times that are surrounded by our country at war, the threat of terrorism, starvation, homelessness, crime, global warming, tragedies, abuse to children, the elderly and animals as well as overall worldwide crisis effecting all of us. What a better world it would be if we could only turn back the hands of time and remember… When “Under the Gun” meant you were under pressure instead of a weapon being pointed at your face…. When “Having a Record” meant you had music to listen to pressed on a piece of vinyl rather than a rap sheet with the law enforcement…..When “On the Run” meant you were busy rather than on the lam eluding the authorities….When “a Dude” denoted you worked on a ranch…..When “Dope” was a vicious slang word for someone who was not intelligent rather than a drug….When “To Kill” meant that you had a really good gig or a presentation rather than to take someone’s life….When “Having Time” meant you had time to spare rather than a prison sentence…..When “Crack” was a fault or crevice in a sidewalk or building and not a destructive drug….When “Acid” was something that built up in your stomach causing indigestion rather than a hallucinating drug….When “Pot” was something you cooked in… When “Rap” was something you did with a present….When “Coke” was the number one soft drink of America and not a drug that destroys lives…When “Ecstasy” was something you felt when you asked a girl out to go to the Prom with you and she said YES and gave you a good night kiss instead of a deadly high from a lethal drug….When “Abortion” was to put the brakes on a plan or mission that was in motion rather than destroying the life of an unborn child.

The lingo today sends out strong signals and is representative of the thoughts that thereby patterns the lives of our youth today. Let us all concentrate on sending out a positive message to our youth, for they are our future and let us be careful of our choice of words and how we conduct our lives, which will ultimately in the long run mold theirs. Let us put away hatred, prejudice and violence out of our lives and as the lyrics from the song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young so aptly put it “Teach Your Children Well”. The Bible states “Nourish them in the way of the Lord and they will not depart from it”. I am sure that Mr. Napoleon Hill would place his blessing and validate these principles.

Resources: NapoleonHill.com

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