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Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now. Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes with others to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future. 

Sad things happen. They do. But we don’t need to live sad forever. 

There can be many different views of what Heaven is like, because Heaven is whatever makes each person eternally and fully happy. 

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. 

While we are living in the present, we must celebrate life every day, knowing that we are becoming history with every work, every action, every deed. 

Resources: Mattie Stepanek 

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Manner #1

When asking for something, say “Please.”

Manner #2

When receiving something, say “Thank you.”

Manner #3

Do not interrupt grown-ups who are speaking with each other unless there is an emergency. They will notice you and respond when they are finished talking.

Manner #4

If you do need to get somebody’s attention right away, the phrase “excuse me” is the most polite way for you to enter the conversation.

Manner #5

When you have any doubt about doing something, ask permission first. It can save you from many hours of grief later.

Manner #6

The world is not interested in what you dislike. Keep negative opinions to yourself, and out of earshot of adults.

Manner #7

Do not comment on other people’s physical characteristics unless, of course, it’s to compliment them, which is always welcome.

Manner #8

When people ask you how you are, tell them and then ask them how they are.

Manner #9

When you have spent time at your friend’s house, remember to thank his or her parents for having you over and for the good time you had.

Manner #10

Knock on closed doors — and wait to see if there’s a response — before entering.

Manner #11

When you make a phone call, introduce yourself first and then ask if you can speak with the person you are calling.

Manner #12

Be appreciative and say “thank you” for any gift you receive. In the age of e-mail, a handwritten thank-you note can have a powerful effect.

Manner #13

Never use foul language! Grown-ups already know all those words, and they find them boring and unpleasant.

Manner #14

Don’t call people mean names.

Manner #15

Do not make fun of anyone for any reason. Teasing shows others you are weak, and ganging up on someone else is cruel.

Manner #16

Even if a play or an assembly is boring, sit through it quietly and pretend that you are interested. The performers and presenters are doing their best.

Manner #17

If you bump into somebody, immediately say “Excuse me.”

Manner #18

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and don’t pick your nose in public.

Manner #19

As you walk through a door, look to see if you can hold it open for someone else.

Manner #20

If you come across a parent, a teacher, or a neighbor working on something, ask if you can help. If they say “yes,” do so — you may learn something new.

Manner #21

When an adult asks you for a favor, do it without grumbling and with a smile.

Manner #22

When someone helps you, say “thank you.” That person will likely want to help you again. This is especially true with teachers!

Manner #23

Use eating utensils properly. If you are unsure how to do so, ask your parents to teach you or watch what adults do.

Manner #24

Keep a napkin on your lap; use it to wipe your mouth when necessary.

Manner #25

Don’t reach for things at the table; ask to have them passed.

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Every one lives it, and it does not last long

A lot has been written, and there has been many a song

As the good book says, life goes so fast

So look forward and not back, and don’t dwell on your past



It is what we all want, and so hard to find

As we drift through this, and sometimes lose our mind

We look for peace, joy, and love

And dream that we can find happiness, as peaceful as a dove



They are given to us as a blessing from God, as they live without a worry

They give us their smiles, and they are not in a hurry

I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter, who gives me such peace and joy

As they move on and grow up, and leave behind that favorite toy



This mighty word has kept many from success in life

It paralyzes the senses and cuts like a knife

Let’s believe by faith, and continue the race

Put away that fear, and we will laugh in its face



We hesitate to want to do it, but it always happens over time

The many faces of change, will stop us on a dime

Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad

It could leave us sad, or make us glad

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